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Guess the Bladder Cancer In America Statistics

In 2019, 420 people diagnosed with bladder cancer took our online Bladder Cancer In America survey. Each year, we learn so much about this community through the survey. Some of the findings confirm what we already knew, but others are more surprising! We want to share some of the survey results with you and see how accurately you can guess different statistics about our BladderCancer.net community.

What's your guess?

Take the following polls to guess how the online bladder cancer community responded to questions about aspects of life with cancer. After you select a choice, the answer will show up at the bottom.


Sleep can be tough to come by with bladder cancer. What percentage of respondents reported living with sleep disorders?


Which age range did the most common age of bladder cancer diagnosis fall into?


What bladder cancer symptom did respondents report as the most difficult to manage?


What type of doctor do most of the respondents see regularly for bladder cancer?


How often do the majority of the respondents have testing to check for cancer progression or recurrence?

How did you do?

How did you do? Let us know in the comments below if any of these answers surprised you and if you can relate to any of the results.

You can also see more findings from past Bladder Cancer In America surveys in our special collection of articles, covering topics ranging from anxiety to sexual health.

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