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Bladder Cancer Comic: Rides to Appointments

In our Bladder Cancer In America 2019 survey, 59% of caregivers who took the survey shared that they help their loved ones with bladder cancer with transportation. 55% of caregivers specifically help take loved ones to and from doctor appointments. The comic below shows having something to look forward to after an appointment can make the ride easier for both the caregiver and the person with bladder cancer. Do you have any traditions or tips for making doctor appointments less anxiety-inducing?

Rides Comic 1
Rides Comic 2
Rides Comic 3
Rides Comic 4

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  • gailvin
    6 days ago

    Have apt. today and am thinking about where I want to go for a glass of wine and dinner when apt. is behind me. Comic is very relevant.

  • Alina Ahsan moderator
    6 days ago

    You have definitely earned that dinner and glass of wine @gailvin! Please do let us know how the appointment goes today. We’re thinking of you and wishing you all the best!
    -Alina, Team Member

  • gailvin
    5 days ago

    I was very fortunate yesterday and received wonderful news following my cystoscopy. All was good, bladder looked good and no new tumors. Will begin 3 weeks of maintenance treatment followed by another cystoscopy in 3 months. BCG treatments have been successful for me so far, even with high grade tumors. Did enjoy dinner and wine. Thank you for all the support. We all know this doesn’t end here.

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