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I was fully awake when I had my Cystoscopy. I won’t lie, it was extremely painful to the point I had tears in my eyes. It felt like it took forever for the procedure but I think it took less than 10 minutes. I dread going in for my next one.

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@tsdakota, I’m glad that most of the people you associate with do not have this attitude. It’s not very helpful when someone tries to “one up” or “compare” cancer journeys… it can draw us apart when we should be coming together in support. I think many people do not realize the impact of this mindset on others. Thanks for reading and commenting,…

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bcg treatment …….pretty wild ………………. there are at least 6 nurses at my doctors office all of which were there to give me treatment —now for one i had too pull my pants down in front of all of them ,,, not at the same time –all gave me treatment that ranged to a total of 24– 4 sets of 6 because it kept coming back ,,, all i can…