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Getting to Know Crush It For Curtis

The Editorial Team at interviewed bladder cancer community advocate and contributor, Curtis Garbett, to learn more about the foundation he started using his own name – Crush It For Curtis Foundation. Read on to learn more about the foundation and meet some of the members on the team!

Tell us about the foundation & its goals

Crush It For Curtis Foundation provides support for bladder cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and medical professionals. We do this by providing education, and advocating for bladder cancer awareness and promoting early detection. One of our primary goals is to raise a higher visibility about Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Clinical Trials and Immunotherapy. We also want to create strong partnerships with other advocacy groups to get more people talking about bladder cancer.

What inspired you to found the Crush it for Curtis Foundation?

Shortly after I was diagnosed with Stage IV Bladder Cancer at 39, I started to think what can I do to raise awareness and help others who are surviving and thriving with Bladder Cancer. Along my Bladder Cancer journey, I have been through a lot of tests and treatments. One test, in particular, stood out to me and that was genetic testing. Through genetic testing, it was discovered that my cancer carries an FGFR mutation. It was fascinating to me that this could even be found and would eventually play a huge role in how my bladder cancer is treated. I was inspired to start my foundation to raise a higher visibility around Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Immunotherapy and clinical trials. I want to make other Bladder Cancer patients aware that bladder cancer treatment is advancing and there are many treatment options available. There is hope!

How has working on the foundation helped you during your bladder cancer journey?

Working on the foundation has helped me increase my knowledge about NGS, Immunotherapy and clinical trials. I have been able to connect with some amazing bladder cancer patients and thrivers who have become my superheroes. I get to share my story and inspire newly diagnosed patients, as well as those who are living with bladder cancer. I also get to contribute to science and medical advances by participating in treatment options and making my voice heard with medical professionals who develop clinical trials and deliver patient care. My foundation gives me hope; I am inspired every day by the work my foundation does and by my team that supports my foundation.

Meet the rest of the team

Jennifer Chamberlain, Vice President / Board of Director
I participate in creating public awareness initiatives and ensure the organization is visible to the community and those interested in assisting the foundation. I also guarantee the organization accomplishes tasks to meet its overall goals. I also play a crucial role in steering Crush It For Curtis Foundation towards a sustainable future as well as making sure the organization has sufficient resources to advance its mission.

Cathy Schneider, Board of Directors
I am a patient advocate and raise awareness for bladder cancer. I am also a strong advocate for caregivers. I assist with planning the foundation’s strategic goals and help Crush It For Curtis Foundation carry out its mission.

Jessica Singleton, Board of Directors
I assist in raising awareness about bladder cancer and planning events that will engage the bladder cancer community. I also play a key role in steering the Crush It For Curtis Foundation towards a sustainable future as well as making sure the ordination is adequate resources to advance its mission.

What has been your personal highlight of working with the Crush It For Curtis Foundation?

Jennifer – My highlights have been raising awareness and being a patient advocate for about bladder cancer. I enjoy planning community events that bring the bladder cancer community together to increase a higher visibility about the 4th most commonly diagnosed cancer. Having been touched by bladder cancer, I have seen personally what a bladder cancer patient goes through on their cancer journey. I want to be apart of getting more people to talk about bladder cancer and one day see a cure for bladder cancer.

Cathy – My highlights have been learning from the medical doctors who support Crush It For Curtis Foundation. I am always looking to increase my knowledge about what causes bladder cancer in different patients. I enjoy being a patient advocate and educating people about bladder cancer risk factors.

Jessica – My highlight so far for working with the Crush it for Curtis foundation is watching Curt’s journey first hand, and seeing how he has turned a scary situation into something positive, and giving others hope as well as knowledge.