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Dear BCG

Oh how I hate you. And I hate how your friend, bladder cancer, came into my life. I was a cancer survivor in current treatment for lung cancer and during one of my every three month scans, a bladder tumor was spotted.

I was one of the lucky ones that do not have to have my bladder removed.  I get immunotherapy put directly into my bladder, BCG every week with a break for about one month, then restart.


BCG, why do you have to hate my body so much? I know you hate the bladder cancer and your job is to make sure it doesn’t come back. I owe you so much for working so hard for me for so long.

But, BCG, why do you have to hurt me so much?  My bladder does not like you and seems to go into instant battle mode with spasms trying to get you out…and it lasts for days…Add painful urination and urgency during these three to four days. I feel like I have the flu, such as fever, chills, and fatigue. It can also cause a burning feeling in the bladder.

Please know that I am so thankful to your discovery as it is helping me keep one more piece of my body…but a break now and then would be nice – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

My experience

Above is how I feel once a week, after my BCG treatment. It is hard for me but remember, my body is already compromised with Lung Cancer for 4 years. But to me, it is a lifesaver. One more way I can fight this beast we all call “cancer.” No matter what type. We all fight the same fight and we come out as survivors from Day 1.

Many of you are not as lucky as I have been and don’t still have your bladder, and for this I apologize. I’m realize how easy I have it compared to you. My intention is to simply be very real as to how the BCG treatments effect me, so that others preparing to receive this treatment will know of others individual responses.

More information can be found on BCG by visiting here.

*Last note – I also had Mitomycin but  had an allergic reaction so we stopped immediately.

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