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Faces of Bladder Cancer Photo Challenge

This year for bladder cancer awareness, we are working on a project to show the true faces behind bladder cancer.

Help us highlight ALL people with bladder cancer

The purpose of this campaign is to show that bladder cancer impacts men and women of all ages and to illustrate the diversity of those who have it.

For far too long, bladder cancer has been dismissed as ‘not a proper cancer.' It seems like people don't want to think or talk about it. Help us put bladder cancer into the spotlight.

Why should I participate?

"The aim is to dispel the myth that bladder cancer is an old man's disease, showing the wide range of ages and sex of people who have/had bladder cancer. As well as spreading general bladder cancer awareness... Let's aim big and get the world to join in."

-Anita Brown ( Advocate and author of her personal blog, My Big Fat British Bladder Tumour)

How can I participate?

It's easy to get involved! All you have to do is send an email to including:

  • Your photo
  • First name
  • Age you were diagnosed
  • 3 words that sum up how you felt when you were diagnosed

Let's show the world that there are many faces of bladder cancer.

Visit the Faces of Bladder Cancer Photo Gallery

Images must be original and pertain to the gallery topic. For your safety, do not capture any personal contact information in the image. By sending your image to, you acknowledge that your entry is subject to our terms of use. All images will be held for review prior to publication. reserves the right to not publish submitted images, or to edit images for sizing purposes.

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