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Woman and her dog cuddling on the couch

How Does Your Pet Support You During Your Bladder Cancer Journey?

It’s no surprise to hear that pets provide an incredible sense of comfort and companionship. However, some pets may even be amazingly intuitive and so in-sync with their owner’s needs that they know to provide support when they are needed the most. While pets provide so much in our daily lives, their impact during trying times, such as during bladder cancer treatment and survival, cannot be underestimated. One of our community contributors, Sarah, recently posted a heartwarming story about her dog Tang Tang and how his calming and comforting presence helped her through her difficult bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We received wonderful member responses to this article, with an outpouring of positive comments regarding the comfort received from pets. So many members of the community chimed in with their incredible stories of how their pets affected their bladder cancer journey, including their healing, that we wanted to share some of these with you.

Providing comfort and support

Nearly every community member response touched on the idea of pets providing comfort and support. For many, their pet provided a boost of encouragement when they needed it the most.

“Dogs really do seem to sense when we need comfort. My little Boston Terrier when I came home after having my bladder removed, came and laid at the side of me, and ever so gently put her paw on my tummy and then moved it. As if to say, ‘I know your tummy is sore’ and then just laid with me.”

“Without a doubt, my pups and the comfort they have provided is priceless.”

“Third TURBT today, came home to my Malti-poo, we snuggled and dozed. I’m being consoled.”

“My friend Parker gives the love and support only he can.”

Pets offer companionship and motivation

For many community members, their pets provided them company when their family and friends had to go to work. When no one is home, it can be easy to stay in bed all day (and sometimes that’s a needed rest!), but fur babies can help us have a reason to get up and move around.

“She was with me every step of the way, Augie Dawgie was her name. She herself grew old and had to leave us, but she was such a comfort during the worst of the treatment phase. I can’t imagine going through it without her. My husband worked full time back then, so I would have been completely alone without her. She gave me incentive to get up every day.”

“My hubby too was at work full time, and my little ‘lollipop’ was always there with me.”

“My fur babies are why I get up in the morning.”

Sensing health changes and challenges

Many of our members reported that their pets can pick up on changes in their health and can sense when something is wrong. Some even suggested that their pet does a better job of this than any of their human companions! Maybe this perceptive ability comes from body language or a change in activity level, but no matter what the clues may be, some furry friends seem very in-tune to when something is wrong.

“My furry friend seems to know when I am having a bad or day or recovering from a cystoscope or procedure surgery etc.”

“When I was first diagnosed 12 years ago, my Dexter would not leave my side. Wherever I was in the house he was with me. He could gauge my feelings more than any human I knew, and definitely knew when I needed him the most. After he passed away 7 years ago, my Baron took over. Baron will stick to me like glue and can tell whenever I’m feeling bad, upset or sick.”

“Pets are definitely ‘tuned in’ to our feelings. Especially when we are sick or upset.”

“During all of this, my 2 dogs never left my side.”

“Lays right next to me until I get myself back to normal!”

Pets and unconditional love

It’s clear from these great responses that pets can provide unconditional love and may help lessen our troubles. They can be amazing companions and help us through the most difficult of times, including a bladder cancer battle. Do you have a pet that has helped you through a diagnosis or treatment? We would love to hear how your pet has helped you through those tough days.

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