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Stealth Belt Giveaway (Now Closed)

Stealth Belt Giveaway (Now Closed)

Did you know that some bladder cancer warriors live without their bladder? Patients with invasive bladder cancer may need to have a type of surgical treatment called a radical cystectomy. A radical cystectomy is a procedure where the surgeon removes the entire bladder, and creates a new way for urine to exit the body through an opening called a stoma, or urostomy.

Adjusting to life with an urostomy takes time, but many patients find that that they are able to adapt well and can do almost everything that they were able to do before the surgery. It becomes the “new normal”.

What is a Stealth Belt?

Designed for everyday wear, the Vertical Style Stealth Belt Pro provides 24/7 support for any lifestyle. Urostomy patients, those with watery output, or who simply prefer wearing their appliance vertically will benefit from the belts vertical pouch positioning. The Vertical Style Stealth Belt Pro is custom designed to be sleek, stylish, and comfortable while supporting and concealing an ostomy appliance.

One lucky bladder cancer warrior will receive a Vertical Style Stealth Belt Pro. We hope this Stealth Belt will help you live well with your urostomy.

Features include:

  • Easy-access Zipper
  • Expandable Pouch Compartment
  • 4″ Range of Adjustability
  • Double-Locking Closure System
  • Moisture-wicking Fabric

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    The giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

    Do you live with an urostomy? How has bladder removal impacted your life? If you don’t live with an urostomy, or you’re feeling lucky, be sure to enter to win our Bladder Cancer Care Package Giveaway.

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