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Where was your cystoscopy done?

Is a cystoscopy done in the office or in a hospital?

Community Answers
  • Mac Howard moderator
    5 months ago

    @sarroj, My first scope was done in the hospital. My doctor was nervous about my reaction to the discomfort and thought it would be wise to have me asleep. Since then all of my scopes have been done at his office. Mine only require a few minutes and the office is just fine.

    Try to relax and take a deep breath.
    Best wishes
    Mac (Site Moderator)

  • Sarah Wallin moderator
    7 months ago

    @sarroj, a cystoscopy can be done in both a doctors office and a hospital. We have some more information about the cystoscopy procedure (, as well as community feedback about the procedure here (

    We shared your question to our Facebook community which generated lots of response ( It sounds like most of our community has had their cystoscopy at a doctor’s office, however some have had it at a hospital, and some have had it done at both!

    We hope this is helpful to you wherever you are at in your journey.

    -Sarah ( Team Member)

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