What was the nicest or most helpful thing someone did for you while you were coping with bladder cancer?

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  1. When my first husband faced a Stage IV bladder cancer diagnosis, it was most helpful when people simply did things for us. For instance, rather than saying “call me if I can do anything” (which puts the burden on the patient and caregiver to ask — and that’s hard to do — a friend would stop by and say I made some food this weekend and here is some for you. No asking, no pressure, just a kind and practical offering.

  2. sarah.wallin moderator author says:

    Renata, this is an excellent point. It can feel like a burden to ask for help after a diagnosis, even if it was offered. Receiving help without having to ask can be such a blessing during difficult times. Even the simple things like preparing food can be so helpful. Thank you for sharing about your experience with the community.

    -Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

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