Have you experienced pain or burning during urination after a TURBT?

How long does this typically last?

Community Answers
  • Paul Hebert moderator
    1 year ago

    Only one TURBT, at the onset of my journey. It was performed to diagnose/stage the cancer and remove the tumors they found in x-rays. After the procedure I was sent home with a catheter and urine bag for the weekend. Catheter removed on Monday and to the best of my knowledge very little burning after that. Maybe a slight “discomfort” but no real pain. Just “different” than normal. I don’t think it lasted more than a day at most. Though, walking around with a catheter and a bag for three days wasn’t pleasant – but not painful or uncomfortable.

    In general – the “imagined” experience before hand was much more traumatic than the reality. Funny, I think men in general have a visceral response to anything done below the waist that we don’t think will end in some sort of sexual experience. We’re funny that way.

  • Curtis Garbett moderator
    1 year ago

    Usually, after my TURBT procedure, there is some slight burning during urination. You can ask the nurse to give you medication to help with the burning sensation. The medicine the doctor will prescribe for the urination discomfort is called Phenazopyridine this drug will turn your urine orange. The color will go away over a couple of hours. The burning sensation will ease up each time you urinate and for me typically last no more 24hrs.

  • Noel Forrest moderator
    1 year ago

    In my case I did experience pain and a burning sensation during urination after my TURBT. The pain is experienced when you first feel the need to urinate. Its very sudden and the urgency to urinate is very strong. The pain will increase if you are unable to urinate straight away. Whilst urinating the burning sensation will occur and can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately the pain will decrease not long after urination. You will also find that blood will also be passed during this period and last for up to a week or even longer. In my case the bleeding stopped after 2 weeks and the burning lasted a week longer. I was told the size of my tumour was quite big, which led to more work being carried out in the bladder lining. This would of increased my recovery time.

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