Managing Symptoms During the Holidays

Managing Symptoms During the Holidays

The holiday season is finally here. You might be stressing about holiday activities like shopping for gifts, baking cookies or putting up decorations. A cancer diagnosis can make these activities seem no longer as easy, or less exciting. You might feel anxious about your bladder cancer symptoms if you'll be visiting with loved ones.

Questions running through your head might be: How will I get through it this year? What if I need to excuse myself multiple times to use the bathroom? Or if I experience urinary incontinence or leaking? What if I start getting fatigued and I'm just not feeling up for all the festivities?

Below are some ways to share how you choose to celebrate - or not celebrate - the holidays, and tell us about any tips you might have. We've also included hand-picked readings with tips to get through the holiday season and ways to manage bladder cancer symptoms during this hectic time of year.

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“Coping over the holidays
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By Shirley Norris - November 27, 2017
This time last year I had received my bladder cancer diagnosis and was awaiting my Radical Cystectomy, scheduled for the 30th January. I had the whole holiday season to get through. As if a cancer diagnosis wasn’t hard enough, I was also going to have to deal with all the festivities...READ MORE

Who Has to Pee ALL the Time?
By Jennifer Toth - November 2, 2017
ME!!! Oh my. When I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in April 2017, I had absolutely no symptoms. A tumor was found inside my bladder during my every 3 months Lung Cancer CT Scans. Thus, my journey began...READ MORE

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It is common for people with cancer to have changes in their appetites. Sometimes these changes may be linked to the cancer itself...READ MORE

Dealing with Fatigue and Difficulty Sleeping
By Editorial Team
Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness and lack of energy that generally does not go away after sleeping or resting. Fatigue is a very common symptom experienced by patients with cancer, affecting around 70% to 80% of patients... READ MORE

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