Dealing with Holidays

  • By Noel Forrest Moderator

    I’ve been fortunate that my BCG maintenance treatment finishes 2 weeks before Christmas. This in one hand, allows me to enjoy the holidays, but there is a little cloud over head, as I have a cystoscopy scheduled for the end of January. So my tips for dealing with the holidays when you have a cloud over head is to try and do something for someone else less fortunate than yourself. It really can bring perspective to your own issues. I also push myself to get out and enjoy the Christmas entertainment, even if its just going out to see the lights. At best, I try not to isolate and surround myself with family and friends that like to enjoy and celebrate the festive season and one thing I tend not to do is watch any movie that will bring out the sadness in me. Outside of these things I talk to my wife if I’m not feeling good, rather than keeping it myself. A little pact we forged after I was first diagnosed and it works!

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    • By sarah.wallin Keymaster


      I’m so glad to hear that your BCG maintenance treatment ends right before Christmas. How fortunate you are! This is such wonderful and kind-hearted advice about helping someone less fortunate. We recently posted an article about what giving back can give to you if anyone is interested: The holidays are the perfect time to surround yourself by family and friends too!

      I love the pact you made with your wife to talk about things rather than keep it to yourself. Being able to talk about how you’re feeling openly is something that should never be underestimated.

      -Sarah ( Team Member)

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