Katie Golden

”BladderKatie was previously an advocate for BladderCancer.net.

Katie is joining BladderCancer.net for a special project called “Diary of a Caregiver.” In 2016, her grandfather was diagnosed with bladder cancer and later had his bladder removed. Throughout the process, Katie spent many days by his side advocating for the best care. She will share his journey through a series of articles taken from family correspondence before, during and after his treatment.

Katie M. Golden is a writer and community moderator for Migraine.com since 2013. She worked for 15 years in the community banking industry before her episodic migraine became a chronic, everyday occurrence in 2011. This disabling disease left her unable to return to her beloved job. She quickly pivoted to become a patient advocate and joined Migraine.com in 2013 to share her experiences with the 40 million Americans who suffer from Migraines. Her motto is “Living a Fulfilled Life While Managing Chronic Migraines.”

She believes in a balance of medication, self-healing measures such as yoga and deep-breathing to manage her chronic disease, but she is not afraid to try cutting-edge treatments and write about her experiences.

Katie is the founder of GoldenGraine.com, a contributing writer for the INvisible Project, Headache and Migraine Policy Forum, Healthy Women, and Healthline. She has also been published on The Mighty.com, XOJane, Medium, and American Massage Therapy Association.

She is the Migraine Advocacy Liason for U.S. Pain Foundation, a member of the steering committee for CHAMP, member of the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum, recipient of the Impact Award 2017 for the Association of Migraine Disorders, active in the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy’s annual event, Headache on the Hill and a volunteer for Miles for Migraine.

A native of West Virginia, Ms. Golden currently lives in Santa Monica, CA. She is passionate about music and has sung the National Anthem at multiple professional sporting events. She enjoys contributing to her family’s home winemaking venture and is an awesome auntie to some pretty cool kids. Her friends, family and long-time boyfriend are her biggest support and keep her motivated.

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