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Profile picture of capnjim1

capnjim1 commented a story 6 days, 10 hours ago

I’m getting scoped every 6 months now and for the forseeable future per my doctors instructions. I’m too afraid of a recurrence even if it was low grade and superficially attached. I don’t think I’ll ever become complacement about getting scoped because of the fear I had when I was told I had cancer. I had Whipple surgery 6 weeks after the bladder…

Profile picture of Mac Howard

Mac Howard commented a story 1 week ago

Donnah, What a great read! So often we miss the gifts in life because the come wrapped in a messy package. Good for you. Thank you so much for a wonderful encouragement. I may print the last paragraph and laminate it for my wallet as a reminder when I get down.

Best wishes
Mac (site moderator)

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