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BCG and Everything You Need to Know About It

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) continues to be one of the most common treatments for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. This type makes up the majority of bladder cancer cases each year.1

From what to expect from BCG treatment to the (years-long) BCG shortage, we break down what you need to know.

What is BCG?

The first time most people hear of BCG is when they consider it for treatment. Get ahead of the game with a robust background on this treatment. Gain a deeper insight into the facets and nuances of BCG as it compares to other bladder cancer treatments as well.

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG)
Editorial Team
The origins of this treatment, how it came to be developed, and when it is mainly used to treat bladder cancer based on stage and grade.

Before, During, and After BCG: What to Expect
Editorial Team
For those preparing for their first cycle of BCG, you can come here to find out what you could possibly expect ahead of, during, and after treatment.

BCG versus

BCG or Gemcitabine for Bladder Cancer: When Should They Be Used?
Editorial Team
Our Editorial Team reviews the more common instances of using these bladder cancer treatments and when they will be most likely considered.

The Difference Between Mitomycin and BCG
Editorial Team
Both mitomycin and BCG are intravesical treatments, meaning they are inserted directly into the bladder to treat bladder cancer. Our Editorial Team discusses the primary differences between these 2 treatments.

Experiences with BCG treatment

Find some reflection and hear from voices throughout our community and Patient Leader team on their experiences with BCG.

BCG: It Was All Going So Well
Noel Forrest
Noel talks about his experience with BCG treatments in an effort to preserve his bladder and manage the ups and downs of cancer treatment.

Deciding Between BCG and a Radical Cystectomy
Shirley Norris
Your treatment choice is one of your most important decisions, and it is also one of the earliest decisions anyone diagnosed with bladder cancer will have to make. In this video, Shirley shares what factored into her treatment decision.

Diagnosed With Bladder Cancer During the Pandemic
Nick Chadd
Nick recounts his experience being diagnosed with bladder cancer and receiving BCG during the pandemic. Plus, he shares his reaction to treatment and what carried him through the whole experience.

The BCG shortage

Understanding the Status of the BCG Shortage
Editorial Team
Since the shortage began, the supply line has ebbed and flowed. Understand the origins of the shortage and learn more about plans to address it.

What's the Cost of the BCG Shortage?
Editorial Team
The international BCG shortage has created both short-term and long-term issues. Learn how these issues have impacted the thousands of people with bladder cancer who depend on this maintenance drug for treatment and, at times, survival.

BCG Manufacturer To Triple Production of Tice® BCG With New Facility
Editorial Team
As the treatment landscape for bladder cancer continues to shift, there is hope for an end to the BCG shortage. Ultimately, time will tell.

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