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Buyer Beware When it Comes to Bladder Cancer Accessories!

Last updated: August 2022

After all the years I've been around and all the times I've cautioned others, I recently didn't follow my own advice and very nearly got taken for $100! I know - insert the facepalm emoji here - I couldn't believe it happened to me.

However, let's use this as a learning opportunity, and we'll talk about the steps you can take to cover yourself if you seek ostomy accessories.

Searching for swimwear

On April 7th, I ordered 4 swimwear pouch covers. A specialty item I'd not seen anywhere else. The fabric is made from the same type of material as swimsuits to supposedly make them great for water activities.

I had not done a lot of water activities in recent years. Still, I am going through the bariatric process, and part of my post-op treatment involves having a 3-month complimentary membership to my community hospital's numerous HealthPlexes. Many of which have indoor pools.

I was planning on some vacation time in places where I'd be swimming in addition to this membership I was going to enter into eventually. I wanted to be water-ready!

Look outside of the company website

My first mistake was only looking at the reviews on the company website. Many companies monitor what reviews make it to their website and skew product and service ratings. The product I ordered had 4.5 out of 5 stars on the website, and all the reviews I saw were glowing.

That should have been a red flag, but I was so excited at the product prospect that I didn't think to Google for more reviews.

Where's my stuff?

Without thinking, I ordered these 4 items at 25 dollars a piece and impatiently awaited their arrival. Five weeks later, I had not received any further communication from the company beyond the confirmation of my order. I checked the confirmation and website to see the typical turnaround time. The confirmation said 6 to 12 business days. Since I was well beyond that time frame, I contacted the company via email.

Several days later, no response. I tried contacting them through their website to no avail as well. Both times I made it clear that I was a patient advocate and planned on writing a product review that would be published.


Reaching out... Again!

I re-contacted the company both ways once again and left a voicemail—still nothing. I even tried to be empathetic and express understanding if they were experiencing supply chain issues in light of the pandemic. I suggested that just letting customers know what was happening with their orders would be professional and appreciated.

A few days later, out of frustration, I finally Googled to find quite a number of negative reviews, extremely pissed off consumers who, after months and even years, never received their ordered products and, the icing on the cake, nearly 50 Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints against the company, which was known under 3 different names!

Still no response

So I joined the plethora of pissed-off consumers, which is something out of my easy-going character. One hundred dollars is a lot to me, and no one should mess with anyone else's money but especially not someone who has been through the medical hell I have!

I continued contacting the company while filing a complaint with the BBB. Not that it did much good because the company had a documented history of not responding to the BBB either.


I was beyond displeased with the service from this company, but I was disappointed in myself. I know that there are people in the world who sadly take advantage of people who have been through horrible medical traumas. I knew better but didn't do better. I should have done my homework, but I didn't.

Finally, on May 27th, nearly 2 months after placing my order, I finally received all 4 of the swimwear pouch covers I ordered. I haven't had the opportunity to use them yet - I will pretty soon. Still, I definitely would not recommend them for the sheer fact that the company's customer service and communication were and are so horrendous!

To date, I still have never received any further direct or indirect communication from the company. No email, no phone call, no note inserted with my order. Nothing.

Bladder cancer accessories

So to my fellow bladder cancer survivors, whether you're buying everyday awareness gear, pouching accessories like ostomy covers, or even a foley bag cover for your catheter bag - beware! Please do your research on the individual products and the company that makes them.

Be sure you are buying from someone reputable who will deliver the quality products you want, need, and desire. We've been through enough, and we deserve them. Don't get taken for a ride or cheated out of your hard-earned money.

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