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Community Views: Your Bladder Cancer Victories

Living with bladder cancer is never easy. But, thankfully, there can be wins and milestones worth celebrating along the way. As last year came to a close, we wanted to find out more about the community's big wins for the year.

To start a conversation on this topic, we asked the Facebook community, "What was everyone’s biggest victory this year?"

Nearly 100 community members responded. We heard from people who have recently been diagnosed as well as people who have been cancer free for years. Here is what they shared.

Negative scans

Easily one of the best and most memorable wins was hearing their doctor say their scans and other tests were negative. This meant that there was no evidence of disease (NED) in their bodies. This day marked the beginning of the next chapter of their lives – living cancer free.

"Negative scans."

"A negative CT scan!"

"Being in remission! I had to wait 5 years for that word!"

Years of being in the clear

Community members shared that their anniversary of being cancer free is a big deal for them. The day they reached NED status was such a turning point. They celebrate each year, marking another period of living in the clear. It is an important day to acknowledge because it honors all the fight and determination it took to stay on the treatment course.

"For me, it has to be my 5 years all clear after stage 4. I had muscle-invasive bladder cancer and was signed off for good by my medical team."

"Having been told that I am still cancer free 8 years later. Best news I can get regarding my health! I hope others will soon also hear 'cancer free' also."

"I am celebrating 3 years clear after stage 4 bladder cancer."

Return of physical health

It is so easy for cancer to leave someone feeling weak. When physical health is compromised, often emotional health is too. It can be hard to stay upbeat and hopeful when you are in pain. Having a return to physical health is such a win in so many ways.

"Getting stronger."

Early detection

Of course, nobody wants to learn that they have a cancer diagnosis. But there is so much hope in being able to see that early detection is a gift. This mindset is empowering, which helps greatly when people are dealing with cancer.

"My cancer was detected at an early stage and treated!"

Being here now

Several community members shared that they are celebrating life for all its moments. They are thankful for life today. This way of thinking helps them not only live in gratitude but also live in the present moment.

"I am still breathing."

"I am grateful to be waking up every day. Period!"

Thank you

We want to say thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts, feelings, and stories with us. We love being a part of your journey, and we are grateful that this is such an active community of support.

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