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Sometimes Water Just Isn't Enough: The Hydration Saga

Last updated: September 2022

I found several products that would work and began sampling them. It has really helped me to gain some control and consistency with my hydration, which, in turn, helps me feel better on a regular basis. Even almost 6 years from surgery!

Since I've had my surgery, I have found more options. Some of them have been around for a while. Others are newer to the market. I've done the research, so to speak, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite products with you all. They are in alphabetical order in an attempt not to show my biases. Many of these are 0 calories and have very low carbohydrate and sugar content. They have received the "stamp of approval" from some dietitians I work with.

Hydration products I have tried

Body Armor - This product came on the US market in 2011. To my knowledge, it didn't make it to my local stores until I was post-op. There are 12 flavors in their main line, 9 in their Lyte line, 6 in their Edge line that includes caffeine, and a "Sportwater" product. While I don't often buy bottled beverages, these are great if you're on the go or forgot to bring packets with you. They have more sophisticated flavors than the other mainstream bottled brands. I typically stick to the Lyte Line. My favorites are the peach mango and tropical coconut.

Dr. Price's Electrolyte Mixes - Developed by a physician specializing in chiropractic, nutrition, and naturopathy, this was the first product I tried and is still my most used. There are 4 flavors that you can purchase in boxes of 30 packets or small 90-serving canisters with a scoop. The flavors are subtle and never overpowering. My top 2 are the blueberry pomegranate and tropical fruit.

GoHydrate - Started in 2013, this company offers 5 flavors. You can buy boxes with 30 packets in them in each individual flavor or in a variety pack. My favorite is their cherry limeade, which takes me back to childhood!

Keto Vitals - This company offers 9 flavors in 10-ounce tubs, 2 variety stick packs with 30 sticks, and electrolyte capsules. I occasionally have been able to score stick packs of 30 sticks in individual flavors on Amazon at times. Sometimes I will mix one of the flavors, like mango, with the lemonade packet, so I feel like I'm a bit fancier and that I don't have to depend on electrolytes. Standing alone, my top 3 flavors are mango, fruit punch, and cherry limeade.

Re-Lyte - Redmond, the parent company, offers 7 flavors, including an "unflavored" option. They come in 30-count stick packs or 60-serving canisters. I will say that this product definitely leans more into the sodium aspect of hydration. You can taste the salt. I usually only use half of the suggested serving due to the salt content. mango and piña colada are my favorites.

Ultima Replenisher - This company offers stick packets in individual and variety packs and 2 different size canisters. For individual flavor options, they have 9 flavors to choose from. In the variety packs, they have 4 different combinations. My favorite is the mocktini flavors - you get 18 powder sticks in a packet with 6 of each flavor: appletini, coconut piña colada, and peach bellini. Talk about YUM!

Hydration products that fit your flavor

I know that there are some products that our friends across the pond have that are not available in the US. I'm sure there are others in other parts of the world as well. I'm curious... What are your favorite hydration products? How do you manage to stay hydrated during treatment or with living with a bladder diversion? Share below in the comments!

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