Two women talking, one shocked and one nonchalant

Bladder Cancer Comic: Invisible Side Effects

Treatments for bladder cancer can look so different from treatments for other cancers that even close friends and family might not realize their impact. Side effects are usually invisible, like pain or burning during urination, so from the outside, it might seem like the cancer was never there.

Did you hear our neighbor has cancer? I told her that you had a cancer scare, too

Mom, I actually had cancer. It was scary, but it wasn't a scare. They had to cut it out of my bladder

Well, but it wasn't like cancer-cancer. You didn't even need chemo!

I did need chemo. They have me an intacervical treatment in my bladder after the surgery

Well, yeah...

But it's not like your hair fell out.

Lucius Wisniewski created this comic in partnership with his wife, Sarah Watts. Sarah is also a contributor for, and you can read her articles about her journey here.

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