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A Guide for Navigating Recurrence Anxiety

One of the hardest parts of living with bladder cancer is dealing with the fear of your cancer coming back (recurrence). Unfortunately, people who have had bladder cancer have a high risk of recurrence.1 That is why we created this guide for you.

Understanding recurrence

Understanding bladder cancer is not easy. Reading up on bladder cancer recurrence can arm you with the knowledge you need.

What is Recurrence
A guide to understanding what recurrence is and why it can happen.

Fears of Recurrence or a Second Cancer We break down bladder cancer recurrence as well as the development of second cancers.

Can Bladder Cancer Return After Bladder Removal?
Learn more about the possibility of a bladder cancer recurrence after bladder removal.

Detecting recurrence: stay vigilant

Part of the bladder cancer journey is staying aware of any symptoms of recurrence. This can mainly be done through maintenance treatment, being vigilant for warning signs, and routine checks with your doctor.

Is it Normal or Is it Cancer?
We firmly believe you know your body best. You know your red flags and what cannot wait. Brittney shares tips for checking in with your body.

Fears of Recurrence: A Constant Reminder to Remain Vigilant
Linda shares how she has navigated ways to stay on top of symptoms years beyond her initial diagnosis.

Navigating life after a recurrence

One of the biggest questions after being diagnosed is "Will this come back?" Please know you are not alone with this. Read how others grapple with the small voice inside their heads.

Tips for Staying Sane Learn tactics to help prioritize your mental health and well-being.

Recurrent Bladder Cancer is Unpredictable and Variable Jacquie shares her perspective having had her bladder cancer after her 16-year journey of battling cancer.

Bladder Cancer Recurrence: A Persistent Fear for Patients See the statistics on how fellow community members view recurrence anxiety.

Can you relate to having experienced anxiety or fears around recurrence? If so, share below or consider sharing your bladder cancer story with us.

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