Symptoms of urosepsis, a fever, back pain and fatigue

Dealing With Urosepsis While Caregiving

Recap! Cue the melodic music.

To recap, I was taking care of my mother who was very ill. We were having usually hot (and I mean roasting hot) weather, especially for the UK! I had begun to feel a little unwell with a UTI, even more than normal.

We can neglect ourselves when caring for loved ones

The thing is, when you take care of someone who you love, it does require you to put this person's needs before your own. For example, you will ensure that your loved one has eaten and has had a warm drink normally before you sort your own needs out. You will want to make sure that they have everything that they may need or want at their disposal. You will be there for their every need. You are their everything!

The exhaustion of caregiving

We know that family members often turn 'carer' for a loved one. It's these wonderful humans who are angels and do it solely for love. It is hard, and yes, we are meant to take time for ourselves, but in my experience, you don't have time to look after yourself. You are too busy. When you do finally get to sit down, all that you really want is a foot and back rub and a nice cup of tea.

Long story shory

Do you see the picture that I am painting? I mean at one point, my Muma called me "Cinders," as I was washing her kitchen floor.

Anyways, I felt bl**dy awful and had started to notice my temperature getting higher by the hour. My problem was, "How was I  going to have to leave my Muma and go to the Emergency Department?" It all seemed like too much for me to do. I put it off for most of the day. I just kept taking paracetamols (Tylenol) every few hours. I was coping. Muma was happy. When she was happy, it seemed all easier to help take care of her.

But the over-the-counter drugs were not working

Towards the evening, I had noticed that my temperature wasn't coming down, even with paracetamols. I spoke to my sister who said she would come and sit with Mum, so that was that!

The lovely doctor saw me, in a small pod, away from the hospital. This was because of my high temperature and COVID-19 risks. He agreed that the infection was getting bad but understood my plight. I couldn't go to the hospital as I was taking care of my Muma. He encouraged me to go and get the prescription right there and then.

As I got in my car, I just wanted to lie down but did muster up enough strength to get my prescription of antibiotics. Thank goodness I did.

Chills, night sweats, and more progression of my infection

I took to bed, armed with antibiotics and paracetamols. And water, I drank lots of water. I began to sweat and shiver, my teeth chattered together as I was so cold. Yet, at another point in the night, I was so, so hot that I was wet. Not just wet, absolutely saturated in sweat. All I wanted to do was to lie there and not move. Oh my goodness, I felt like I could die!


Due to sweating, I became extremely dehydrated, very quickly. I couldn't drink fast enough. My brain was telling me that the small sips are the way to go. Otherwise, you will throw it all up. The problem was the minute the water came anywhere near my face, it turned me into a water-obsessed fiend. I couldn't help but take huge glugs of the cold water. It took all my strength to take tiny sips.

The next few days

I remained much the same for a few days and then the antibiotics began to work. Slowly, I began to feel better. My Muma went to live in a nursing home. I feel sad for her, but I know that I did my best. I went home and was there for barely two weeks before I ended up in the hospital with sepsis again.

What are the symptoms of urosepsis?

  1. Fever - A fever of 38 degrees C/100 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Shivering and shaking all at once.
  2. Back or flank pain- I felt that my sides we being squashed and tightened.
  3. Nausea and vomiting - I got so hot, I felt sick. I swear you could have friend an egg on me.
  4. Extreme exhaustion - I just wanted to lie there and not move. I had no energy.
  5. Rapid pulse & difficulty breathing - My pulse felt like it was racing around my body and I had to remember to take big breaths as the shallow breaths were not getting the oxygen in quick enough.
  6. Lack of pee - I found that despite the fluid intake, which was used to sweat and cool my body down, I was still dehydrated.

If you are in any doubt, it is a must to get some professional healthcare advice.

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