Who Has to Pee ALL the Time?

ME!!! Oh my. When I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in April 2017, I had absolutely no symptoms. A tumor was found inside my bladder during my every 3 months Lung Cancer CT Scans. Thus, my journey began.

Constant urge to pee

Cystoscopy, TURBT, another cystoscopy, began BCG (didn’t work), began mitomycin (developed a severe reaction) so I was left simply waiting until my 3 month cystoscopy. I entered the doctor’s office and mentioned I have the CONSTANT urge to pee.

Without a word, he began the cystoscopy and we immediately saw 4 new tumors since my TURBT 3 months ago. Deep sigh, crying, “why me,” and all the thoughts we know go along with this journey. The doctor pulled out the scope as I think he was as disappointed as I was and stated, “it’s okay, I’ll see how many are there when we do another TURBT and go from there.” My procedure is scheduled for November 9, 2017.

Feeling as though my bladder is about to burst

But I left there with the same urge to pee every minute of every day. I wake up at least once an hour at night feeling as though my bladder is about to burst and only a few trickles come out. Does this sound familiar? I’ve learned that the procedures, bladder chemo medications, and the growth of new tumors are all joining hands making my bladder turn against me.

I have a prescription for Oxybutynin. Does it help? Hmmmm, maybe. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. I have even tried the over the counter Azo which actually if combined with the Oxybutynin, gives me a bit of relief. I will add, the Azo was a life saver during the time I had the reaction to the Mytomycin. I was having severe cramping, and it seemed to take the edge off.

Scoping out the nearest restroom

So I endure each day scoping out where the nearest restroom is. I actually took a flight to Minnesota this past week. There and back were 2 hour flights. Just to put it in perspective, I was in the plane restroom 3-4 times each flight. Of course, feeling like I have to go NOW with only a trickle. I’m quite sure the other passengers were wondering what the heck is she doing? Oh well, my private party and my private joke.
Do you have any tips for tricks to convince your mind that you don’t have to go – right now?! I would love to hear how you address this inconvenience. Well, that wasn’t a strong enough word – how do you address this “pain in the…?”

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