Five Years No Recurrence

My bladder cancer journey started five years ago. I'm an avid bicyclist riding my Trek road bike 40 miles a week. After a strenuous 30-mile ride, I had blood in my urine. I had never had this before. I said nothing to my wife. I went on another casual ride the next day with no blood.

Seeing a Urologist

The next day, the blood returned after another 30-mile hard ride. I went to my GP the next day and was immediately referred to a Urologist. I went for a CT scan and a scoping the next week. I had a smallish, single tumor which was removed successfully with no problems. My Urologist prescribed no other treatments.

I feel fortunate

I've had many scopings over the years and all showed no evidence of bladder cancer. My doctor says to keep vigilant with yearly scopings which I plan to do. I still ride my Trek road bike for my own self-check weekly. I consider myself very fortunate in my bladder cancer journey.

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