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High Grade Urothelial Carcinoma

I slipped on the ice (Christmas Eve) and fell hard. Within the hour, I noticed blood in my urine. The blood was present for 2 days.

Not what I expected

I went to the PCP as soon as they opened (after the holiday) and asked to submit a urine specimen. On 12/29/22, I received confirmation of what I suspected: bladder cancer. High-grade urothelial carcinoma was not expected. I kept thinking it was someone else’s urine that produced that result.

I have since had a CT scan (1/4/23; showing a 3cm tumor) and, subsequently, a blue light cystoscopy and bladder resection (1/23/23).
The resection removed 4 tumors: 2 non-invasive, 1 invasive, and 1 extremely invasive.

The waiting game

I am awaiting coordination of an appointment between myself, my urologist, the Dana Farber team, and the Brigham Women’s Oncology Team. That meeting will happen after I have more CT scans to rule out any spreading of the cells to the lungs and any other organs.

A healthful life

Since the onset of this, I have become an insulin-dependent diabetic. I am 70 years of age and have lived a very healthful life (mostly plant-based diet, absent refined grains/sugars, very little dairy). The only plastic in the home is bags that hold apples, etc. I avoid chemicals. Never been a smoker. No family history of cancer of any kind.

Just looking for others who have had something similar with a positive outcome.

Best to all.

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