Life After Surgery

I’m 11 months after bladder and prostate removal. As of today, I have no sex life. It’s very simple- active before- now inactive. In a strange way, I think it’s made me a better man. Without the hormones running around my system I seem much more relaxed and centered. I definitely feel a much deeper love for my partner. And I think she does also. We’re going to marry in May.

Adjusting to a new normal

I miss sex- intimacy with a person I feel so deeply for is special. But at the moment it’s not my top priority. I am having trouble adjusting to the profound changes my body has gone through this past year.

The new bladder is great! I’ve no problems with it. It’s everything else. My body hurts all the time, I’m bloated and I have about half the energy I had before the surgery.

I’m 73 but have always been extremely active: swimming, hiking, mountain climbing, tennis, and still working as a carpenter.

Seeking community feedback

I’m wondering if this is normal? Is this the price to pay for being alive? If you have experienced this I’d like to know what you’ve tried. I feel like I have an alien body never knowing how it’s going to be on any particular day.

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