My New Birthday

Happy Birthday to me!

I am calling today my new birth date because on this day last year (2022) I was “snatched from the jaws of death”.
I went to the emergency room complaining of being unable to urinate; all I could do was pee blood clots.

A lifesaving visit

After a cat scan and other things, the doctor decided to rush me to the operating room for emergency surgery. I had a stage 4 (5cm) tumor and my bladder was filled with blood clots the tumor was removed and the blood clots flushed out. My hemoglobin was down to 9 and my weight was 194 lbs, I am usually 225 lbs.

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My wife had been telling me to go see a doctor but you know us hard-headed men folk don’t listen. When it gets really bad though we will go, in a heartbeat, won't we?

Moving forward and finding support

I thank god for giving me another year and birth date, now I am cancer free, but I still have to have chemo every 6 months for 2 more years and get a cystoscope every month after the chemo.

I also received a lot of support from this group, which helped a lot.


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