I lost my husband of 34 years on October 31st of this year, just over 2 years after him receiving a cancer diagnosis on September 29th, 2020. Our world was turned upside down...Stage IV metastatic bladder cancer... never a smoker, active, no signs until blood in urine.

It was like we fell off a cliff. We were fortunate for him to find great care in Charleston, SC during Covid. He tried everything and had the best care, but it was aggressive cancer. Through it all, he remained positive and treated it like a project. He was an engineer.

He had such dignity, so brave although he was scared. In the end, he slipped away peacefully when I left the room for 2 minutes. I miss him terribly, he was my rock... only 67. Cancer is so very cruel.

My heart goes out to anyone dealing with this disease and their caregiver. We came up with many solutions... he also had nephrostomy tubes in each kidney and a colostomy, but even with this, he showed courage... a braver man I will never know.

My heart is broken.

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