Severe COVID and Inflammation in my Body

I have been diagnosed with bladder cancer stage 0, and had successful surgical removal.

COVID.. then cancer?

I had severe COVID-19 and spent a week in the hospital in August 2020, it was a long, slow recovery. In December 2020, I was taken to surgery after a cystoscopy found many areas all over my bladder that needed to be biopsied. Biopsies were taken, with the help of the blue light, from all of the areas, shallow and deep. Fortunately, all proved benign, but there has been a lingering discomfort. Now in August 2021, a cystoscopy found my bladder all clear. Thank Goodness!

Is COVID to blame?

I asked my doctor, and would like to ask others, if COVID-19 was to blame? It seems to attack the body, looking for the weak spot. Some have it in the lungs, some heart, some kidneys and bladder, and so on. Also, Remdesivir was infused into me for covid, known to be harmful to kidneys, may affect the bladder.

I hope considering this might save someone an unnecessary surgical procedure, that healing will come with time.

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