The Beginning

My journey in 2022

July 1st: Seeing very dark urine one morning and went to the doctor's office to have it checked. They said they saw microscopic blood in the sample I gave at that time. Went off to have a CT scan done, which found nothing. Ok, no worries...

Sept 9th: The same thing happens. This time I make an appointment with a Urologist and then with my Doctor. 2 months to get into the Urologist.

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Nov 2nd: States they need to go in for a look.

Dec 6th: Diagnosis - Tumor in my bladder.

Dec 23rd: Having it removed.

Finding an outlet online

I don't know how far advanced it is or what the outcome will be. I've hit the WWW and Youtube like never before. Boy is there a lot of information out there. Very daunting at times.

I'm not the very optimistic type of guy. But...

I found this website in my journey of the WWW and figured I needed an outlet to 'just breath' a little bit. I think this might just be good for me, So I'll stick around for a bit.

Thanks for being here.

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