Tumors Return

This is "327" again. My name is Tom. "Unexpected/Unwelcome Surprise" is my first entry to this forum. Following my first surgery in January 2022, and 6-week BCG treatment, I had a second surgery in March, followed by a 3-week chemo treatment. A cystoscopy in August revealed no new tumors. A cystoscopy on November 21 revealed several new tumors of varying shapes and sizes, all relatively small compared to my original tumors.

Surgery scheduled

I now await a new surgery, scheduled for January 10, 2023 - my 76th birthday! I'm trying to look at it like having Hemorrhoids removed by banding, which I have experienced on several occasions. For me, the worst part is the "Hell Week" of living with the catheter and urine bag.

Acceptance and faith

Strangely - or perhaps not so strangely - I have no fear of the tumors or the surgery. I have accepted that this particular form of cancer is highly recurrent and future surgeries may be required. At least this time there'll be no need for a stent.

I have faith in the skill and knowledge of my Urologist, who successfully performed the first 2 surgeries, and I'm certain she will again be successful in removing the tumors. She now has increased the frequency of my cystoscopies to every 2 months, instead of every three months. That's about all for now. All the best to all my fellow sufferers and your caretakers. Tom

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