Exercising After Stoma Surgery

Ostomy surgery is a major life change. Initially, people rightly focus on recovering from the surgery. It is important you take things easy and listen to your body. Everyone recovers at a different rate with many factors, including length of surgery, age, and general health before surgery.

Many of the questions I am often asked relate to exercise, going in a swimming pool, hot tub, etc.

I remember when I first started getting back around to my physical activity. I was worried about damaging my ostomy if I exercised. I also worried I might not be able to return to the sport and leisure activities I enjoyed before.

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Initially, of course, light walking, increasing the length of time I walked, is the best option. Indeed for the first 12 weeks, it is important to take things easy and move at a pace that works best for you.

Getting back into it

After some time, it is possible to go back to almost all forms of exercise with the consent of your doctor. This video talks about how to approach getting back to exercise. It talks about ostomy products and support garments that are available to allow you to return to exercise and support safely, as well as demystifying the thoughts that swimming and hot tubs are off-limits!

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