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Mac Howard

Mac Howard
I am 55 now. A 13 year survivor of Bladder cancer. That said, I am so much more. I am a husband of 34 years (lucky woman), a father of 3, a foster father of 19, a coach and supporter of more things than I can count. I have been a volunteer firefighter. Read more

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Faith (noun): “Complete trust or confidence on someone or something.” “Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a

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If you’ve never tried meditation don’t get nervous. You have my word, no lotus position. No robes and no headstands

Man and dog on motorcycle


Flash is a Basset. A 12-year-old, spoiled rotten, rescue Basset. I think he started in Arizona. I am not sure

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When I talk about isolation, I want to be clear: I am talking about isolation in the sense of a

A doctor talking to a man and the man's thoughts are all confused

The Scope

This is the portion of my cancer journey that I remember the least about. I’m sure that I arrived at