Never Alone: the Unconditional Support of a Caregiver

Recently I had my annual scope. Everything was routine. The same paperwork - ensuring all of my personal information was up to date. Going over my insurance, dotting all the I's, and crossing the T's.

Taking the urine sample cup and acknowledged that I needed to fill it to the black magic marker line. Through the door, turn right into the restroom. Fill the cup to the aforementioned line and put it behind the paneled door in the wall. Wash my hands and return to the waiting room.

Never in the waiting room alone

As I sat down next to my wife, I realized something.

Since my original diagnosis, I had never sat in a waiting room alone. Fifteen years, countless tests and treatments. More tests. Scope after scope. Every three months and then every six months, finally moving to an annual check-up.

The support of my bladder cancer caregiver

Year after year of coming to this office and going through all the steps and I have never come out into the waiting area without finding my wife sitting there.

If I am honest I will admit I take it for granted. Not in an entitled way of discounting how important this is to me. More of a comfort level and an acceptance of her care.

My wife tells people she has 4 kids, 3 she gave birth to, and one she married. In all of our years together I have never come out to an empty waiting room.

For all of you caregivers, let this be a heartfelt thank you.

The anchor we tie off to

You are the ones who make survival possible. You are the ones who enable us to face this disease with hope. No matter if you are a spouse or a healthcare worker or a relative stranger that offers solace or a kind word you are the anchor on which we tie off our survivorship.

You are not invisible. You are not unseen. You are, without question, the strongest of the strong. Day in and day out your support and care for those of us who are in crisis. Your work goes largely unnoticed and uncelebrated.

This is for you! If I could I would have a parade for you. A grand party with you all as guests of honor.

The unconditional support a caregiver

I go into the exam area full of anxiety. My scope is conducted, my results are given to me. I get dressed and compose myself. Knowing that I am not doing this alone makes such an enormous difference.

Knowing that I will find Jan sitting, usually doing her crochet, waiting patiently for me to come out. I see the relief in her eyes and I know that for now - all is right in our world.

The unconditional support of a caregiver

Caregivers, my hat is off towards you all. If you are tired and stressed and feeling drained, I offer my respect and admiration, and love. You are amazing and without equal. May you know the joy of the blessings you give.

In what way have you encountered the unconditional support of a caregiver? Tell us about your experience in the comments below, or share your story with the community.

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