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BCG treatment - again

Good morning. My husband is having 3 more BCG treatments this month. He has had a total of 15 in the last year. His doctor is very proactive; however, we feel it might be excessive. He does not have any new tumors but did have some inflammation within the bladder and the doctor decided to do another 3 treatments. He does really well with the treatments, it’s just the mindset of “here we go again!” I would appreciate some thoughts and insight from others. Thank you. This is a great forum by the way. Side note: he is only 55! I’m scared to death, and pray every day for no reoccurrence. Again, thank you.

  1. hi. Welcome. Sorry for the reasons you found yourself here but glad you found us. Unfortunately I am not medically trained nor do I have any experience of my own to share. I went straight to surgery. I would ask the doctor to explain the reasoning behind the current treatment. This is your right as a patient. Let us know how you go. Wishing you both well. Laura, Moderator,

    1. @Amy A - I am not medically trained and therefore cannot provide medical advice. I understand your concern and honestly would let the doctor know your concerns. Another suggestion would be to have a second opinion. Has your husband had 2 regiments of 6 BCG and then the 3? Are these 3 considered maintenance BCG? May I ask what stage and grade he is? I am sure that others will chime in with their experiences. Like Laura, I went right to RC and only had TURBTS and mitomycin for treatments prior. Please keep us updated on how things are going. My best to you both. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      1. thanks for sharing your husband's story! He is so young and you have much life to live together, I applaud your resolve. I'm glad to hear he does well with the treatments, and they seem to have kept the cancer at bay. How have his cystoscopies been? Hoping all is well for you both! All my best, Charles (Moderator /

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