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What are your tips for finding a good urologist?

Share your tips with fellow community members looking for a bladder cancer-specific urologist. If you haven’t found a good one, what challenges have you faced?

  1. We recently asked our facebook communit'y "what characteristics do you look for in a good urologist" some of the responses we received were:

    - "When they talk to me as a human being not all medical terminology"

    - "Knowledge, humor, trustworthiness"

    - "Bedside manner, keeping me informed about treatment plan and what to expect."
    - "Availability when you need help."

    - "Honest and treat a patient like human not like a subject"

    - "When it comes time for a Cystoscopy, a urologists "touch" can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and really ruining your day (or longer)."

    1. It is also nice if a cysto has a video attached to it so one can see for oneself

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