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GCB mixed with Gemcitabine at the same day

Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a combination of GCB & Gemcitabine used at the same time?

  1. Hello. I'm uncertain if the use of a combination of BCG and gemcitabine within the same installation is FDA approved yet. To my limited knowledge, there are ongoing clinical trials testing efficacy, toxicity levels, etc but I'm unaware if it's being legally prescribed. I know my urologist informed my last week at my first BCG treatment that if there isn't adequate germ for the full six weeks, we may move to an installation of first gemcitabine and then docatexel. but on the same day. I too am interested in a more definitive answer to your question.

    1. @laurelg - I also was incontinent for a while and had trouble self cathing. I also pretty much failed my urodynamics testing and a tumor was found at the base of my bladder where it connects with my urethra. The tumor was removed in my 2nd turbt as was most of my urethra due to cancer cells there. I was left totally incontinent with a small chance of that changing back to normal. I hope that you are able to get answers and treatment that works for you. My best. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    2. @answersforme - sending positive vibes and prayers that your treatment worked and your biopsy will provide good results. We are always here to support you so please keep us posted. And do not apologize for long posts as these definitely are information that people need. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

  2. is this treatment your doctor is proposing? Laura, Moderator,

    1. First, I aplogize for the typos in my original response to the poster's question. But, essentially yes, my urologist confers with her group's urologic oncologist and finishing out the six weeks with chemo drugs is just an idea for now. I may learn more in two days when I have my second installation, hopefully of BCG, and frankly, even my surgeon didn't seem to be clear on how an inadequate amount would be handled. I do know I received a full dose last week, not shared.

      1. we welcome all your contributions. Thanks again. Laura, Moderator,

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