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How does cold weather affect you?

How does cold weather affect you? Does it affect you physically or emotionally?

If you have an ostomy, how do you take care of your it during the cold winter months? What winter ostomy tips would you suggest to a new ostomate?

  1. @AlexisLander - I honestly never thought about how the weather might impact my ostomy until I read Brittney's post. I think a general tip regardless of the weather, is to use some sort of minimal heating device - heating pad, blow dryer - to provide some heat to your wafer when it is initially applied. Only 10 or 15 seconds on a low heat can assist with the adhesive. I have done this for years but other than that I have personally not noticed any other issues. I would suggest that supplies are kept in an area that is temperature controlled and near room temp. Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

    1. I use a small blow drier all year 'round. After a shower I dry the peristomal skin with it and once I have applied the barrier prep I blow dry the area to dry the prep. The final step is to preheat the pouch and barrier ring. Works every time.

      1. thanks for sharing. That is a great tip! I am glad this is so helpful for you. Jill, team

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