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I am new

My urologist didn't explain much except I had a tummer in my bladder he did surgery and it was cancer but supposedly he got it all and give me some type of kemo through my bladder and I am hoping to get help with more information

  1. Hi @MaryLester, we'd be happy to answer questions, but we'll need a bit more information as there are a couple of times of chemo that they can administer by injecting it into your bladder. Remember that your urologist should be taking time to explain things so you understand it. You are paying for their paycheck! Now, it is possible that he may refer you to a colleague who specializes in bladder cancer and who knows more about the treatments and medications/chemo. Please look at our Treatments tab for some information in the meanwhile:

    1. I have had problems with my bladder and kidneys for years but for the past 2 to 3 years It got really bad. At times it would hurt to pee really bad I would get so tired and so week and I noticed the color of my urine so I started checking it in a clear container it looked pinkish to looking like cranberry juice with like a fill over it and particles in it. I thought I was trying to pass kidney stone. I went to the er several times. Finally around the first of November a Er Dr did a scan with dye. That Dr said he thought I had a mass in my bladder I had an appointment on Nov. 9th to see urologist my feoncie passed away at that time I had to post pone. Got the appointment The urologist said he was going to do a cystoscopy and biopsy and remove the tummer on Dec.9 2020 I had the surgery on Dec 9 2020 on Dec 10 2020 after I came to the Dr came in the room said he got all the tummer out it was cancer but the surgery went good ask me to sign a paper for giving him permission to give me Intravesicular Mitomycin through the catheter through my bladder said it would kill the cancer cells if any were left. That procedure was done and after I could urinate on my own I could be released. Give me release papers and papers that say find my cancer drug and appointment for a month away. I need help in just knowing more about what maybe next I wonder now how long it might have been cancer and the way the blood in my urine was off and on for 2 to 3 years pryer

    2. Thanks for sharing those details. I personally did not have this type of treatment, so I cannot give you details on that part and cannot seem to find an appropriate article so I'll alert our team and someone who knows more can respond to that part.

      However and unfortunately, getting misdiagnosed with other issues is very common for this disease, especially among women. I was also misdiagnosed for at least 2 years. By the time I was diagnosed, my prognosis was much worse though and I had my bladder removed (RC or radical cystectomy) followed by a different type of chemo treatment. Here's an article that talks about the commonality in misdiagnoses.

  2. Mary - I am so sorry to hear that you have gone through all that you have. As Liz stated, bladder cancer seems to be misdiagnosed all to frequently and in my opinion we patients go too long before receiving treatment. I had mitomycin with both of the TURBTS that I had prior to my RC/IC - bladder removal and diversion. I understood it to be common and had no issues with it. I hope that you are able to have some mental and physical relief after your appointment. I frequently suggest - when possible - to ask your medical providers to contact you to move up your appointments when there another patient cancels an appointment. The stress of not knowing can be difficult. Hopefully you will have answers soon and a plan to move forward. Please keep us posted. Linda ( moderator, author, team member)

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