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Is BCG the best treatment?

I was diagnosed with Stage I highly aggressive bladder cancer in Feb 2020. As a woman at 58 I am not the typical candidate for bladder cancer and my doctor is confident that BCG is the best option for me.
I cannot seem to find data that BCG contains the cancer within the lining for 10+ years.

I personally know a woman whose husband who was diagnosed with Stage I bladder cancer in his late 70's, did the BCG treatments and 4.5 years later died of Stage IV bladder cancer that metastasized to the liver.

How do I trust that BCG is my best option?

  1. Hi @anitac - Thanks for starting a forum about this important topic. Treatment decisions can be very personal, and are often stressful and confusing.

    BCG is the "gold standard" for treating cancer cells that are in the lining of the bladder. Many people here have received BCG. Here's some more information about BCG: https://bladdercancer.net/treatment/bcg/. I am also sharing a study about the success rates for BCG in patients with high risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5291702/.

    I'd encourage you to continue researching and ask your doctor any outstanding questions that you have (for example, what other treatment options are available to me?). I'd also encourage you to consider getting a second opinion from another doctor if you're still not feeling sure about it. You absolutely deserve to feel comfortable and confident about your treatment plan before moving forward.

    Keep in mind that everyone's cancer responds differently to treatment, so the outcome for your friend's husband may not necessarily be reflective of all outcomes with BCG. I do hope other people with personal experiences using BCG will chime in with how it went for them!

    Sending support,
    -Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

    1. Thank you Sarah.
      This article provides better clarity. I have been thinking of getting a 2nd opinion and will definitely look into it after this article.

      Peace of mind is an important tool for healing.

      1. Anita - Absolutely agree with your statement about peace of mind and healing! This article about getting a second opinion might be of interest, too: https://bladdercancer.net/caregiver/get-second-opinion/. Best of luck with your upcoming decision, let us know how it is going. I'll be thinking of you.

        -Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

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