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Share a piece of advice or a quote that's helped you [Giveaway Bonus Entry!]

We are hosting a compassion blanket giveaway and as a bonus entry we ask that you share:

What is an inspirational quote OR word of advice that has helped you navigate through rough times?

You never know who needs to hear a positive message, so let's spread some cheer.

The giveaway can be found details at

  1. What inspired me when I was first diagnosed and also through difficult days during treatment was a verse from Psalm 84: "They are happy, whose strength is in you... As they go through the Bitter Valley they make it a place of springs... They walk with ever growing strength." I did feel like I was in a "bitter valley" and I became determined to make it a "place of springs." I tried to embrace anything that was positive on this totally unexpected journey so that I could become a stronger person.

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