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Six weeks after initial BCG treatment

I was diagnosed in April with T1 high grade. I had the initial TURBIT in August and then another in September. After waiting 7 weeks I did the 6 BCG treatments which ended the week of thanksgiving. I’m getting scoped early January to see if the treatments are working and I guess go from there. Im still experiencing discomfort 5 weeks since last treatment but it seems everything I read says that isn’t normally the case from the treatment or the cancer. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience on this?
Merry Christmas!

  1. hi. Merry Christmas 🎄 sorry I don’t have any personal experience of this to share but I wish you luck with your scan. Let us know how you get on. Laura, Moderator,

    1. Laura I want to thank you and for both being so supportive and positive. I would have never thought I’d be dealing with this in my fifties and alone but as I said my faith helps me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, lol not that there aren’t days I feel like sucking my thumb in the corner but I do believe the Lord is good and you both are a testament to that!
      Thank you both.

    2. you are very welcome. We aren’t going anywhere. So please, anytime whether a question, a bit of support or just to vent, we and this community are here to support or just listen. Sending positive vibes from Scotland and wishing you a lovely day. Laura, Moderator,

  2. @Scott15 - I cannot provide medical advice but people react differently to medications and treatments. Have you increased your water intake during this time? Sometimes it is easy to forget how important keeping well hydrated is and certainly with treatments. I know that I personally notice a difference when I am feeling off if I make sure I am drinking plenty of water. It may just be a lingering effect of the BCG but I hope you will have answers soon. I also hope that the BCG works for you. My best to you !! Linda ( Moderator, team member)

    1. @Scott55 - I doubt your children think that you are a burden. But a suggestion is to get on BCAN inspire and join. You will find people from all over the country on that site and I would suspect support groups also. You could also post a request for a support group in that area. I am sure you will have responses. BCAN and this site are both great resources for people who need support and have questions. Good luck Linda ( moderator, team member.

    2. good advice. Laura, Moderator,

  3. Thank you Linda.

    1. hi Scott! Everyone seems to tolerate BCG differently but as for me I was able to tolerate pretty well. I have actually just finished a second round of 6 treatments because after the 1st round there was still one spot of concern. I too am a T1 high risk! I go back in 3 weeks for the scope and hope and pray the 2nd round did the trick. I am sorry you are having lingering side effects, but I have read where people do have discomfort after their treatments. Stay hydrated as that helps with the flushing of the bladder. I pray that God's hand will be on you and you will get a good report in January.

      1. thanks for sharing your experiences. It will help many. Laura, Moderator,

      2. i pray that it does! Thank you.

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