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Hi - is anyone familiar with the Dr. Gonzalez protocol ? If so, any opinions ?

  1. Hi , I saw you asked this question on our Facebook page as well. Shirley provided a great response, so I'm going to paste it below for anyone who sees your question here:

    Hi there Jim, thanks for engaging with us.
    I have read about the “Gonzales” protocol and I have to say I am very concerned and worried when a person claims that they have a cure for cancer.
    In studies conducted with patients who underwent traditional chemotherapy versus those who tried the Gonzales method. Those who underwent the chemotherapy had much better outcomes.
    I really would suggest seeking a professional opinion before embarking on “alternative” treatments.
    Hope this helps - Shirley team

    Anyhow, how have you been lately? Have you found any more information about the protocol?

    Take care,
    Sarah ( Team Member)

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