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what is a bcg treatment

Just had my first surgery 6/10/21 Where can I learn all these terms. Also but not really sure I want to go through all of this if this is how it's going to be.

  1. BCG is tuberculosis/TB it is put in you bladder through a catheter and needs to stay in there for two hours. Basically it works with the body to kill the cancer, for when your body feels the TB it sends your white blood cells to fight the TB in turn it also fights the cancer. Lelee( team member)

    1. Hi , though I'm sad this was the reason let me just say I'm happy you found us. We know how incredibly confusing this all can be so we'll do our best to come together and answer your questions/ give you some clarity!

      To start, BCG is an immunotherapy used for bladder cancer. An immunotherapy helps stimulate your body's immune system to fight cancer. For some more info you can read up here

      Can you tell us what type of surgery you're getting? Is it a TURBT? This is commonly the first step to help diagnose, help understand the depth of cancer and remove tumors. This link will give you more information.

      You could have also had a cystoscopy, this is another procedure that allows the doctor to get a visual of your bladder. Both are very common and help serve similar purposes. This article is by an advocate explaining her experience with cystoscopy and can help give you better real life understanding

      I'll also share this link more info on treatments in general.

      I know this can all be a bit overwhelming. But please know we're here to help! No question is a bad one. How have you been sleeping?

      1. @johnbob - We are here to support you through your journey so ask away. Have you received a diagnosis yet? and your surgery - possibly a TURBT - was it to confirm that? Please take a breath and let us help you navigate the information that you have and will be receiving. Many of us on here have been through the test, procedures etc and can provide first hand knowledge. More information as to stage and grade is important for treatment options. Please keep us updated so we can support you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    2. i am going thru THIS right now. I had my 4th injection this past
      Wednesday. 2 more to go, then a Cystoscopy to see IF the treatments

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