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What is Your Escape From the Daily Battle with the "C" Word?

We all have shared the details of our battle with cancer. A lot of warriors for sure. I'd love to hear some bright stuff about how you escape and get some mental health breaks.

My happy place to recharge is in my basement with my eleven guitars (and one on the way) and music. Love to sing and make some noise. Music covers all of my moods. Happy, sad, faith, hope-or just rocking out. Like country and blues mainly. but play everything.

What is your escape? Dan-moderator-BladderCancer.Net..One of my Babies

  1. @Dan Franke - I am 7 years out from RC and do not think about cancer very much any more but my escape was reading and spending time with my grandchildren. I am an avid reader and love mysteries and suspense novels - I read every night before bed. As for your musical talents - I am always envious of those who can play a musical instrument well. It is one of those talents that brings joy to others when they hear you play. Thank you for sharing and being an encouragement to others. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    1. that’s a good topic. We definitely all need somewhere to take us out of the moment of thinking about our condition or keeping our mental health in check. My happy place in my kitchen. I love cooking. I find it therapeutic and I love eating what I cook too of course 😉 Laura, Moderator,

      1. Kitchens are fun-food is good---but like you I like to eat a bit too much. So at least with guitars I get baby aerobics versus calorie intake. Those guitar picks can be heavy..Lol..

        1. Love this, ! I sing and own a couple of acoustic guitars myself. I only strum and play chord accompaniment, though. I love to sing and dance around the house while listening to my old school favorites. It energizes and inspires my other abilities: drawing and planning creative projects. But what I truly enjoy is spending time and laughing with a good friend. It's about creating and sharing joy. Thank you sharing yours! ~Jacqueline, Moderator (, Advocate)

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