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Kegels For Him

Did you know guys can also perform Kegel exercise? I’d guess no. Most people tend to relate Kegel exercises with giving birth and ‘other’ exercises women perform to strengthen their pelvic floor. While that may be true, men can also enjoy the benefits that come with having a stronger pelvic floor. In this article, I want to tell you how to get stronger pelvic muscles, which may cause you to have stronger orgasms. Now that I have your attention, let’s get started.

PC muscles

Basically, the “pelvic floor” is made up of a bunch of muscles which are located in your pelvic region. Some help to hold your internal organs and keep your intestines in place. Others are found closer to your anus and urinary sphincter muscles. These are known as the Pubococcygeus Muscles, or PC muscles for short. When you perform Kegel exercises, these are the group of muscles you are targeting. So…when your PC muscles are strong, they are known to help with a number of issues including premature ejaculation, bladder incontinence, erectile dysfunction (ED) and even stronger orgasms.

There are a number of issues that can weaken your pelvic floor muscles. These included surgical removal of the bladder or prostate, diabetes and an overactive bladder. Adding Kegel exercises to your daily routine may help you if you are also having problems with bladder incontinence and/or dribble after urination.

Locating the PC muscles

Finding the correct muscles to train is fairly simple. The next time you’re urinating, try to stop the flow of urine. When the urine stops, you’ve successfully located your PC muscles. I can admit having trouble the first time I tried to stop my urine. It was a new and different sensation for me. Also, you can find your PC muscles by squeezing your anal sphincter, as if you’re trying not to ‘pass gas.’ Here, I’ll explain a slightly advanced technique to focus on your PC muscles.

I first heard about exercising the PC muscles about 20 years ago. My goal was to have stronger PC muscles in order to have more intense orgasms, nothing more. So, to accurately locate my PC muscles, I’d squeeze my anal sphincter. I noticed the muscles under my testicles were also flexing as well – the PC muscles. Over time, I taught myself to stop squeezing my sphincter and only squeeze the PC muscles. After exercising for a few weeks, the stronger muscles led to incredible orgasms. With that said, let’s discuss the technique for exercising the PC muscles.

Exercising the PC

As I mentioned above, the technique is fairly easy. You can contract your anal sphincter, hold for 3 seconds, relax and repeat. To get started, I’d recommend doing 1 set of 10 (squeeze, hold 3 seconds & relax). Personally, I do 3 sets a day, one set during breakfast, another during lunch and the last set during dinner. Just 30 contractions per day…easy, right?

As you can see, this is a fairly simple and effective method of PC exercise. If you’re still unsure if you’re doing the exercises correctly, you can put your fingers behind your testicles and feel the muscles tighten and relax as you squeeze.

Also, I want to add, I do not recommend using the urine stop/start method to exercise your PC muscles. While it may be a good way to initially locate the PC, doctors believe overuse of this technique could lead to bladder infections.

So, as I bring this article to a close, I’d like to add a few words of support –

Make it a habit

Try this:

  • Be consistent. Try to get in the habit of doing your ‘Kegels’ at the same time, every day. You can exercise while driving your car to work, waiting for the train or watching the news…and no one will ever know.
  • Focus on the benefits. Exercising your PC muscles can have great benefits with issues ranging from bladder incontinence, erectile dysfunction and even an increase in orgasmic pleasure.
  • Notice the results. As your PC muscles get stronger, you may begin to notice positive changes. You may notice a decrease in urinary leakage, stronger erection or more pleasure.

If you feel you’re having trouble locating your PC muscles or not exercising them correctly, ask your healthcare provider to discuss this further with you.

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