Urostomy Hydration: Tips and Tricks

Staying well-hydrated is a top priority for anyone with an ostomy, but possibly even more important for those of us with a urostomy. Proper hydration is vital for kidney health, keeps our kidneys and ureters flushed preventing UTI's and also cuts down on possible odor within the urostomy bag itself.

Whether you find yourself newly acquainted with a urostomy or have been long-time friends, here are a few ways to increase and maintain good hydration.

Get a good water bottle

It doesn't really matter the brand or style, but something you can comfortably keep on hand throughout the day. Some people find bottles with time markers helpful to keep track of how much they are drinking throughout the day. I personally love cold water, so my bottle has to keep the temperature really well.

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Another sneaky tip

Find a water bottle with a straw attachment. You will find yourself more apt to sip throughout the day on a straw. The most important thing is just keeping your source of hydration on hand, it is much easier to drink your water if it is always available.

Add a little flavor

Is your plain water getting boring? I absolutely recommend adding flavor to your water to make it more enticing. There are so many brands on the market in every flavor profile imaginable to help you keep your water interesting. I do suggest checking the sugar content, as high sugar intake can increase the likelihood of a UTI.

What if water isn't enough?

Maybe you had a sweaty workout or you feel like you need more hydration than simple water can provide. I would like to introduce you to hydration multipliers. The two big names in this category are DripDrop and Liquid IV. Both brands are used the same way you would a powdered water flavor.

The key difference is that they include electrolytes, sodium, and other valuable minerals that plain water may be missing. These solutions can help increase your hydration much quicker than water.

But what do you do if you're sick, or struggling to get and stay hydrated? Well, it is time to bring in a tried and true heavy hitter. Good old Pedialyte.


I always recommend Pedialyte be part of the post-radical cystectomy recovery kit. It is not just a drink for toddlers, Pedialyte is a wonderful way to help stay hydrated when you are not feeling well or after an arduous procedure.

Fair warning, it is not the best-tasting beverage, but it really does the trick!

Apps to track your water consumption

There is no magical number of ounces you need to drink in a day to stay healthy, and all liquids are considered part of your hydration management. This includes soups, water-heavy fruits, smoothies, and warm beverages.

If you find yourself struggling to get an appropriate amount of water throughout the day, there are several tracking and reminder apps to help you. I personally use a water tracker on my fitness watch and enjoy completing my personal goal every day.

Do you have any tips to stay hydrated with a urostomy? Tell us in the comments or search our forums.

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