Awaiting Urine Diversion

I have only one kidney after the other was removed. An aggressive cancer was found in the ureter and after removal I had 5 months of chemotherapy.

The cancer spread...

The cancer regrettably moved to the bladder and is not quite extensive, though scans show no metastasis outside the bladder. My case is very complicated. I had Prostate Cancer and had the prostate removed but complications led to Osteomyelitis, so I had a permanent catheter fitted.

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It's been a long battle

Although I am to undergo a urinary bypass there is concern that the bladder cannot be removed because of previous damage in the area. I am likely to undergo Radiotherapy. It’s been a long battle. BCG hasn’t worked so I am getting severe bladder “ bleeds” whilst I await surgery. Quality of life is impeded as I find walking difficult because of the bleeds and pain.

It’s going to be tough but I am going to keep fighting.

This is my story.

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