I was diagnosed in November 2018 with high grade bladder cancer.

Seeing the urologist

I seen an urologist was booked in for a TURBT 18th Dec bit of a shock had a nervous Christmas went back to my urologist early January he found a 4.5cm tumour recommended another TURBT booked in for Feb 2019 luckily it was superficial so he recommended BCG treatments 6 to start with then a cystoscope.

I take my hat off to you

Nothing prepared me for BCG treatments here I am 63 avoided prostate checks laughed other guys horror stories. So the nurse tells me "pull your pants down and put a towel on to cover up"!!! Then comes the numbing gel, my god, then the catheter had trouble inserting my nurse said "you need to relax" not a hope in hell of that happening. To you guys who handled BCG treatments I take my hat off you after 21 rounds I just couldn’t relax and kept on getting recurrences.

My decision to have a radical cystectomy

It was decided in August last year that I needed a radical cysectomy. Which I had in November 2021 was in hospital 7 days haven’t been better I thought when I first seen stoma this is gross but we are getting along well now I am doing most things I could life is great I am cancer free and my stoma is a lifesaver.

Best wishes for your recovery hope all is going well for you.

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