Have You Had Your Bladder Removed?

I am a male, age 63. Was urinating blood with a lot of pain from Dec 2021. I was diagnosed with Bladder cancer stage 4 on 17 Jan 2022 with the Urologists removing 2 tumors in the bladder. He suggested a total removal of the bladder, which was very drastic to me. I looked at alternatives. He warned me that I would start to walk very slowly, and indeed my walking pattern became slow. Diet - only vegetables and certain fruits, and someone told me about Rive.

Now 8 months later taking Declo Flam and Transact for pain. Still not convinced to go the route of removing the bladder. Up to now, I have had cramp pains when urinating and pains where the tumors were removed. After a Rive treatment last Friday, I suddenly urinated blood clots, and the cramp pains disappeared. My walking suddenly felt normal again. Still remaining is a burning pain during urinating and a sharp pain in the places where the tumors were removed. I still continue with my veggie/fruit diet. Has anyone else had their bladder removed? Need to know more about life without a bladder.

This is my story.

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